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Re: [ga] So far, 28 poll answers logged

On Fri, 21 Jan 2000, Joop Teernstra wrote:

> Those interested in the full truth of what happened in the first Steering
> Committee of the IDNO, the trigger event, provided by Joe Baptista, the

Yes, it's true - I paved the evolutionary process that brought down the
IDNO.  I believe my only concern was privacy and a campaign to increase
membership.  The IDNO has done very little in the area of harvesting a
good membership drive.

> attempted capture of the SC by William Walsh and "Bradley  Thornton" before
> an agreed structure was in place and their vendetta of slander when the
> majority refused to roll over, can find it all in the idno archives.
> http://list.idno.org/archives

You played a part in it too Joop.  By that time I was long gone.  It was
just the Walsh-Joop show that carried on.  The IDNO in it's final days was
much like the roman senate.  You and walsh had spend alot of time kissing
each other - and one day Walsh stabbed you in the back.  Something he
seems to do well.

The problem with the IDNO was that it has never been a valid association
of people.  Granted you all tried your best - but to much time was spend
on irrelecant issues, and too little times spent on the business of
raising a good effective membership.  But you didn't do that and that's
where it's unfortunate.

> Just as ICANN can learn lessons for its General Membership structure from
> what is happening here, history of what happened in the IDNO  is already
> repeating itself.

Yes.  The same circumstances exist, however the nature of the downfall is
different.  And ICANN will learn no lesson from this.  The fix is in - and
the fix must work.  If it fails - everyone losses the cookie.

And I gurantee ICANN is failing.  And it's a beutiful piece of art to