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More William Walsh FUD to:Re: [ga] the IDNO chewing on itself

William and all,

  More Walsh FUD!  Truely historic.

William X. Walsh wrote:

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> On 20-Jan-2000 Joop Teernstra wrote:
> > Or at least, they do NOT want an IDNO led by JT.  See: www.idno.org/coup.htm
> Hi Joop.  I'll be posting to the IDNO list later today about this one.
> But wanted to point out that this is just one more example of how Joop sees the
> IDNO as his personal fiefdom, and not a real organization for the intended
> purpose.
> He places whatever pages he wants on the website, from his particular slant,
> regardless of the fact that he knows the IDNO was split right down the middle
> between the two sides of contention.  That was before the one side almost all
> left in disgust when Joop continued time and time again to usurp any attempt at
> finding common ground between the two by always insisting on doing his own
> thing without any mandate from the organization.
> Even in the face of the IDNO Chair telling Joop he was dead wrong, he continued
> to try and justify doing things "his" way despite consensus against it.
> His misuse of the organizational website in this way is just one more clear
> example of it.
> Joop wants a personal fiefdom, that is why some have taken to calling the IDNO
> the Joop Teernstra Fan Club, but all that is left now are those who follow and
> agree with anything Joop does.  ALL of the others have mostly left after having
> been alienated by the way Joop was personally running the IDNO.
> The IDNO is defunct.
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