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Re: [ga] So far, 28 poll answers logged

>The truth of the matter, Joop, since you brought it up here, is that YOU
>asserted YOURSELF into the Steering Committee despite having declined normal
>election to that position, and then when the Steering Committee members wanted
>to bring issues to vote, if you didn't agree with them, they were never put on
>the ballot.  You had the keys, and you vetoed anything you didn't agree with.
>The steering committee was a farce you created to bolster your own little
>personal power game to try and give yourself an inflated role in the ICANN
>The evidence is clear, and the rest of the SC can and will vouch for that.

As a member of the knee-capped SC, I can vouch that the above is exactly
what happened.

The majority of the SC wanted to move the IDNO website to a faster (free)
server in the USA and ramp up the operation.

Joop didn't want to, so the vote never got included in the polling booth.
As Joop possesses the mailing list for the IDNO membership, one-sided
e-mails are send to the entire membership whenever there is a vore taking
place that he views is important, with subtle (or more often, unsubtle)
hints on how he thinks they should vote.

Even though he was not a member of the Steering Committee (although, this
was only to provide an "optical illusion" to outsiders - his own words), he
proceeded to close the SC down and move complete control of the IDNO back
to himself.

It all went downhill from there.

I guess that's why Bradley now calls it the JDNO - Joop's Domain Name

Andrew P. Gardner

Never suggest to your Mother to shop on-line for a pearl necklace.