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Re: Re: [ga] Final draft of proposed mailing list rules


You wrote:
>My definition represents that of an historical archivist.  I have
>professional experience in this area, so this is not a "metaphysical

I fully agree.

The main purpose of the "integral" version is to provide elements for 
the historical archivist. There shall be complete record of all the 
postings that made it to the list, and also, I assume, of the bounced 
messages, the messages in violation of the cross-posting rules, the 
messages exceeding sizes (header and/or complete size), the technical 
glitches, and so on.

No question about the fact that all the material has to be preserved 
untouched for the histiorians - and maybe also other professionals ;>).
The quesion is about the need for historians to have the integrality of 
the records online in real-time.

>  There's the true, untouched mailing list, which should be
>ga@dnso.org, and there's the smaller version, based on what a 
>deems relevant and other criteria.

Exactly (terminology notwithstanding).

The "smaller version" has *very good chances* to be the working tool, 
and as such it has *very good reason* for being online in real-time, 
because it has to be used by people not with the attitude of a social 
scientist that analyzes the past events but with the attitude of a 
participant to a debate that is happening online in real-time.

>  A moderated list may not reveal, say,
>that one person contributes 65% of the traffic, that five people 
>90% of all the traffic.  So a moderated list presents a different skew.


It gives the chance to hear also the voice of the all-but-five by 
reducing the traffic to 10%.

>Keep your finger on the delete button and voila, you have the moderated

>list you want.  This is neither rocket science nor shadow boxing.

Not really.
We need meaningful archives for newcomers.
Frankly, anybody willing to join the crowd and contribute, if told to 
check out http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/ga/Arc<nn>/maillist.html will 
rapidly change his/her mind and run away as fast as possible ;>).

>  Over and
>far out.