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On 20-Jan-2000 James Touton wrote:
> Darrell and all DNSO'ers,
>   For everybody's info, I will also be forwarding the URL's and other
> info we have on William Walsh, Patrick Greenwell, Esther Dyson,
> Mike Roberts (Including transcripts of phone conversations), Becky
> Burr, and lets not for get Kent Crispin and Javier Rodriegez!  I am
> sure this should be interesting and valuable journalistic information.

More antics from our INEGroup personalities.

By popular demand, INEGroup.com should be online by middle of next week.

The Internet Nitwits Exposed Group, will be setup running a php based
news/forum system modeled after the slash code.  It will not be restricted
soley to JW and his personalities.

Anyone will be able to submit humorous or serious stories relating to various
net.kooks such as the INEG personalities, PCCF, etc.

I'll include, with permission, copies of works others have compiled on these

Hopefully having this site out there, and prominetly linked to, will provide a
means for helping other media venues from falling victim to the JW frauds.

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