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[Spcl. attn. Carolyn and Joe Baptista] to:Re: [ga] Network World slam's the RRP and Domain registration policy

Darrell and all DNSO'ers,

  For everybody's info, I will also be forwarding the URL's and other
info we have on William Walsh, Patrick Greenwell, Esther Dyson,
Mike Roberts (Including transcripts of phone conversations), Becky
Burr, and lets not for get Kent Crispin and Javier Rodriegez!  I am
sure this should be interesting and valuable journalistic information.

  I am very sure that William and Javier in particular will be of
some special interest given William Walsh's fiasco at .TJ networks
and his wrongful appropriations of some funding, as well as
Javiers admittance of the CORE http://www.cornic.org of ICANN
and the DNSO.

  I am also sure that Carolyn might be interested in the E-mail exchanges
between Jeff and Vinton Cerf, George Soros, and John Patrick
regarding the $10m donation they wished to hold in a "Special"
account as well...

  This should give Carolyn some interesting background for her
next article I would think.

  Carolyn is it?  Please let me know privately what format you would
like for me to provide this information.

  And Joe Baptista, would you so kindly forward on to Carolyn the
interesting fraudulent posting of Mark Measdsy as well?

  Oh yes and also, before I forget, the Harvard law Review requested
some of this information as well.  Could you Joe please forward what
you have as well to the appropriate E-Mail addresses there privately
as well?

Darrell Greenwood wrote:

At 12:18 PM -0800 1/19/0, Andy Gardner wrote:

>>  FYI,  http://www.nwfusion.com/news/2000/0117rrp.html

James Touton
Legal and Policy Advisory Council,
INEGRoup (Stakeholder)