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[ga] Jeff Williams speaks on slamming

>On Wed, 19 Jan 2000, Gordon Cook wrote:
>> to those asking i have seen this in hadcopy only.... its probably on 
>> their web site but alas I have no url
>here she is;
>     (Source: Network World Fusion) The communications protocol that
>enables competitive domain-name registration has come under attack by
>the Internet engineering community for failing to provide adequate
>precautions against slamming - the unauthorized transfer of customers
>from one company to another that has plagued the telephone industry.  

Jeff William's on slamming:

         "It's a very serious threat," says Jeffrey Williams,
         an IETF member and a spokesman for INEGroup,
         which represents 98,000 domain-name holders. "My
         two main concerns about RRP are that [firstly] there
         is a privacy exposure problem. Anybody can get in
         that database and get all kinds of information about
         the domain-name holder. The other concern is
         domain-name slamming. They just don't have any real
         good security on that protocol."

well said Jeff.

Joe Baptista