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Re: Re: [ga] Final draft of proposed mailing list rules

On Tue, 18 Jan 2000, !Dr. Joe Baptista wrote:

> On Tue, 18 Jan 2000, Patrick Greenwell wrote:
> > Rule #1 of email nettiquete:
> > 
> > Posting someone's private email to you in a public forum without their
> > permission is considered extremely rude.
> I disagree - unsolicited private email is fair game in my books.

That is merely one among the litany of reasons I don't normally interact
with you.

> If i'm dealing with you in a conference - i don't expect you to
> communicate with me in private.

I really don't care what you expect. I expect people to act like adults
and have a modicum of manners, so I guess we can both be disappointed that
our expectations haven't been met, eh?  

> If you have something to say - say it to the list.

What I have to say and whom I choose to say it to is none of your

Thanks for playing.

                               Patrick Greenwell                          
                       Earth is a single point of failure.