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Re: [ga] Final draft of proposed mailing list rules

On Tue, 18 Jan 2000, Mikki Barry wrote:

> I agree with Ellen completely.  Given that this process has had plenty of
> decisions regarding whose opinions are of value, and who is an 'arrogant
> juvenille' I am not comfortable with people making decisions regarding
> whose voices are the "official" archive and which are "filter fodder."

Well said Mikki - here here.  I'm not comfortable either with that sort of

> I am also very concerned at the proclamation that "the ga is not a decision
> making body."  As in many parts of this process, many of us thought we were
> getting something besides a rubber stamp for the names council.

Mikki - as a lawyer I understand your confusion.  Lawyers are always last
to figure out reality.  I'm afraid Mikki - that in this case - there is no
santa claus.  This forum has always been, and is a place where we play the
audience.  Nothing has changed.  And a rubber stamp we will be and
continue to be until proper rules of order are introduced and the
membership empowered.  That's the challenge.

This poll means nothing and is even less.

> Unfortunately, the manipulations that have already occurred to the process
> have laid the groundwork for complete distrust in any mechanism by which
> individuals can choose to silence others, regardless of how annoying they
> are.


How's that voice of yours.  I'm sure your over the flu.