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Re: Re: [ga] Final draft of proposed mailing list rules

On Tue, 18 Jan 2000, Patrick Greenwell wrote:

> On Tue, 18 Jan 2000, IDNO Bootstrap wrote:
> > 
> > I must say, I really don't understand this Karl. Nevertheless, I respect  
> > your perogative in this matter, yet continue to be perplexed at why you   
> > would endorse such a destructive personna as that which exudes from Joop
> > Teernstra.
> What do comments like these accomplish in the whole scheme of things?


I know you to be a sincere and frank individual, as much as any of us can
no one another via a strictly electronic medium.

Therefore, I unreservedly consider your question as an honest probe of why
I would bend over backward to "lash out" with, 'comments like these' - as
you put it.

Here is what I hope to accomplish:

First, it should be know that I am quite sincere and convinced that Mr.
Teernstra is a fraud, and as I also put it, "Destructive force". In my
experience of naively having participated and served in the IDNO as a
concerned and idealistic fool (maybe I'm being to hard on myself here) in
hopes of building the Idno into something wonderful - the AAA of Domain
Owners, as touted on it's once proud website.

I held out hopes and believed that through my participation, and the
participation of others, many of whom are estemable members of this list,
we could affect such change. That this change would be fundamental in that
the rights of individual domain owners would have a collective voice that
could not merely be silenced or ignored by ICANN, or any organization that
claimed authority over the Domain Name Space.

Together, myself and nearly one hundred other people shared such similar
views, or at least harbored hopes of something on this order and lent 
support, either actively or passively, and endorsement of such an ideal.

Joop Teernstra was but one of these individuals among us. Many of us wer
approached by him, not having been indoctrinated into the DN wars, while
others were decorated veterans bearing battle scars.

Joop approached me, having found my name on a list of those who endorsed a
letter that you yourself drafted and forwarded to Ralph Nader and James
Love, asked if I would like to joing such an organization as what we all
thought the IDNO stood for and best of all - - Stated that it was self
organizing and completely democratic.

What a beautiful thing!

I worked closely with Joop, Srikanth, both Karls, Dan Steinberg, Rod
Dixon, D3nnis Schaefer, William Walsh, Mikki, Andy Gardner, Kevin kelly,
Mark Measday, and a whole bunch of other people - most of whom I
considered mentors - on the IDNO Steering Committe.

There came a point following Santiago though, where things started looking
ugly, one sided, and... Well... I'm not going to go into microexamination
here of the sparks that set off the powder kegs of the JDNO's Polar Wars,
so suffice it to say that it happened, and that fortunately it is a matter
of public (NOT JUST FOR JDNO MEMBERS EITHER) record thanks to mine and
several other peoples efforts - against Joops attempted refusal to permit
(also archived).

No one can gain a clear picture of what really happened by picking a
random date and diving in. The only way to really understand what happened
is to start about a month before Joop started the Polar Wars and exposed
himself as a fascist by his own announcements. Then the dennigration into
his exposure as fraud and liar and finally... The sole destroyer of the
IDNO and it's rebirth as the JDNO.

That's why there's so little activity there now - Because it is dead
defunct, and only the accolytes that can fit into Joop's little clubhouse 
mold bother to participate - or those he succesfully convinces that this 
whole thing was some kind of grandiose conspiracy by special interests to
destroy the only possibly champion organizaion for the little bitty
individual domain owner.

You asked what I hope to accomplish Patrick. Plain and simple. I'll swear
upon a stack of Holy Bibles that I know Joop Teernstra to be a fraud, a
liar, and a usurper of what could have been (should have been) the IDNO
that most of us here wanted and needed.

I'll swear on that stack that he quite coldly and in a conspiring and
calculated manner destroyed The IDNO because he could not have it succumb
to his despot will - That he never really permitted any Democratic
decision making unless it was what we had intended - that he would and did
privately threaten individuals of the steering committee with severe
consequences if they opposed his viewpoints, no matter how isolated his   
desire was from the rest of the steering committee. That he even emailed 
me on several occasions to enlist my aid when things weren't going his way
and again in the face of the accusations of having the steering committee
serve only as a puppet government, an "Optical Illusion" to quote him.

That upon replying to him in those private emails that I would not go
against what was just and right by supporting him in tyrrannical
usurpation of the the organization that he set forth to try and destroy my
name, and defame me - as well as other estimable members of the First IDNO
Steering Committee and it's General Membership.

What I expect to accomplish is having people like yourself ask questions 
like you did of me, so I am obliged to tell the ugly, and unexagerated
truth about what a swine Joop Teernstra is, and that he is dangerous to   
associate with, because I believe him to be a evil man who will destroy
organizations just by mere associaton.

That is why, as a member of this General Assembly, I urge you, and every  
other serious member who cares about the rights of the individual and has
even an inkling or glimmer of hope for this GA to stay as far away from  
that criminal known as Joop Teernstra, for he will bring destruction here
just as he did to the IDNO with his seemingly harmless offers to use his
broken little polling booth. Like there aren't dozens of polling booths

What I expect to accomplish is being the ragging nagging spouse married to
the person whom you might be tempted to invite over for dinner - but won't
because that person (the dangerous Joop Teernstra) comes shackled to a  
ragging nagging spouse that is foul and will not shut up (me, as long as
there is a Joop).

What I expect to accomplish is to let no one to forget that the IDNO was
destroyed by the madman Joop Teernstra, and in so reminding enveryone
everywhere preventing him from achieving that again.

What I expect to accomplish is the destruction of any hopes that Joop    
might have of being able to gain back the shining reputation that I once 
assumed he came with.

What I expect to accomplish is making you and everyone else understand
here that this is not off topic, since, as a member of the GA I consider
(UPON EVIDENCE) Joop Teernstra to be an extreme danger to the success of
this General Assembly and I have a duty to continually remind you fellow
members of this until the call for Joop Teernstra to go away - Either on
his own or because of the nagging ragging wretched which is joined to him
at the hip.

What I expect to accomplish is possibly have you see that I have always
been dedicated to the notion of an IDNO, and that I worked hard in earnest
with many of you toward that goal - only to have it smashed by some
asshole named Joop Teernstra.

I will make no attempts to defend these postions. The record speaks for
itself. Joop Teernstra will probably spin more lies and twist around the
truth with little bytes clipped here and there while omitting pertinent
facts just as he has masterfully done in his manipulative style.

But Joop knows I'm like a rock tied around his neck in a deep lake.

--Bradley D. Thornton MCSE; MCT.--  , bootstrap  of
the Cyberspace Association,
the constituency for Individual Domain Name Owners
http://www.idno.org  (or direct:)