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Re: [ga] .EDU Registration Policy?

On Tue, 18 Jan 2000, Ben Edelman wrote:

> Can someone refresh me re NSI's registration policy for .EDUs?  I searched
> their web site -- manually and via search engine -- and came up
> empty-handed.

The last I remember seeing was that registration was restricted to "4
year, degree-granting colleges and universities."

> I was under the impression that registration was further limited to
> American institutions (though with grandfathering of existing
> registrations).  Is that correct?

I don't believe they are restricted in such a fashion. In any case 
verfication has been very lax in the past(try http://www.suid.edu.)

Personally, I hope the issue is revisited soon as I see little reason 
why other educational institutions should be disallowed registrations in

If Mike Roberts is successful in gifting his former employer Educase with
control of .edu, I imagine this will change(and registrants will begin 
incurring fees as well.)