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Re: [ga] Final draft of proposed mailing list rules

Going through Ms. Rony's very thoughtful post, I identified the following
specific points which merit discussion and further drafting or alternate
provisions before a final "vote."  Indeed, I suggest we consider and express our
opinions on each substantive item separately rather than as a package.  I
suspect that others will want an opportunity to make proposals for the group's
consideration.  Please consider this a motion to defer voting until the proposal
has been vetted and alternate provisions offered pursuant to a format developed
by a committee consisting of Mr. Alvestrand, Ms. Rony and Mr. Gaetano.



Ellen Rony wrote:

> subject header
> what percentage a "consensus"

> if only a small percentage of GA members vote?
> subjective as to content, cumbersome and
> vague;

> discretion in the hands of a Sergeants at Arms, who
> may a) unilaterally impose posting limits; b) determine what constitutes
> decorum and relevant business of the GA, and c) moderate content.
> two objective (not content-related) behaviors that
> should be explicitly prohibited:  mailing attachments without permission
> and  spoofing of email addresses.

> the camel's nose under the mailing rules tent, with the following declaration:
>         It [the mailing list] is not itself a decision-making body.
> the GA cannot even nominate persons to serve on the Board

BTW, I did notice the following provision in Mr. Alvestrand's proposal relating
to nominations:
"(d) The GA shall nominate, pursuant to procedures adopted by the NC and
approved by the Board, persons to serve on the Board in those seats reserved for
the DNSO."