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Re: [ga] Proposal for mailing list policy

ALex and all,

  Well I am sure that some are grateful that this post is your last on this
subject!  >;)  Let us all kneel and say a prayer of thanks that Alex
has kindly decided this to be his last post on this subject.....

Alex Kamantauskas wrote:

> >>
> >> On the subject of an archive:
> >>
> >> Take me as an example.  I would probably read the filtered list
> >> routinely.  But if someone tells me that there is censorship going on,
> >> I would look at the archive of the unfiltered list.
> >
> > FWIW, I am in complete agreement with Michael on this issue.
> >
> > Creating two lists, a filtered and unfiltered list answers everyones
> > concerns. The disruptive and seemingly mentally unstable will have a
> > forum to particpate in, those that believe any sort of constraints on
> > nasty and disruptive behaviour constitutes censorship will be happy, and
> > the rest of us can simply subscribe to the filtered version of the list.
> >
>  I agree with this as well.  I would also propose that both lists be
>  archived.
>  And this will be my last post regarding this topic.  ;-)
> --
> Alex Kamantauskas
> alexk@tugger.net


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