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Re: [ga] This is so sad !!

On Thu, 13 Jan 2000, William X. Walsh wrote:

> On 14-Jan-2000 Mikki Barry wrote:
> > I'd personally rather we get things moving with the work of the GA 
> > and deal less with the disruptive personalities.  Let's exercise self 
> > restraint first and not respond or self filter and see if that is 
> > helpful.
> We have already seen that it is not a solution.  We also have an obligation to

I agree with this part of williams reply - we have tried - it has failed -
now were in the process of implimenting rules.  I'm for roberts rules of
order, and now the NC is trying to railroad a most entertaining documents
through the process.  It's the same old screw them and leave them angle - 
like chairman and NC elections.  All talk - no substance.