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Re: [ga] More UDRP Proceedings

happy new year bret....

the study you are referring to here would appear to be  GROSSLY INCORRECT
and overstates by a massive amount the true costs of a normal mid-range
e-commerce site.

the only way you can get to those numbers is if your trying to put together
a million transaction /year site. the average site which, lets say has the
capacity to process 5000-10,00 sales a month would cost less than 200,000
including software, servers, and integration programming.  (this assumes
approx 2,500 sku's (differential inventory id's) and assumes images and
descriptios for the inventory are easily obtainable.

the major sites like amazon, etc, are really abberations and cannot be used
as benchmarks for normal e-commerce sites. if you doubt me then contact
some major e-commerce solution companies and check it out.  you can get
great software out there for 25,000 - 70,000 which will handle fully 90 % of
the businesses who are contemplating e-commerce.

the above figures naturally dont include advertising as this is totally a
discretionary item and 'open ended"

(i have it on pretty good authority that the "victoria's secret"  site cost
well under 200K)

ken stubbs

 (according to one
> recent study the *average* cost for a new e-commerce site exceeds U.S.
> $1,000,000), protecting a domain name after a similar period of continuous
> and unchallenged use might make sense.