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Re: [ga] RE: [ga] RE: [ga] FW: Eeek - .NU Domains using , , , , - And More

> None should have been any, but that would be pretty obvious if you're
> familiar with the DNS system. In plain English: Nunames is selling stuff
> that doesn't work for most of their customers. Maybe they like living on
> the edge, maybe they have a secret masterplan, I don't know.

I have had few problem using the .nu ISO 8859 character set from either
the cavebear nets or from my daytime job at a rather large networking

I did have to tell Bind to not block names containing ISO 8859 characters
via the check-names option.  (Recent versions of Bind are, by default,
configured to reject names with extended character sets.)

And I did have to tell IE5 to not use UTF-8 encoding.

(As an aside, it's interesting to read section 2.3.3 of RFC 1035 - it
clearly envisions 8-bit character sets, such as ISO 8859 or UTF-8.)

And Netscape 4.07 on Linux seemed to have problems - I'm suspecting that
there may be some filtering going on in a resolver library or in the Linux
version of Netscape itself.  I'll do more checking over the weekend.

From my perspective it does work reasonably well.

Maybe that's because I'm not using the Roberts Root.  ;-)