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Re: [ga] nTLD going gTLD


Perhaps before anyone can convince them to `do anything` you might explain why 
they should?  What harm is being caused, in your opinion, by these 
registrations? Do you see this problem as a failure to enforce an existing rule 
(if so which RFC or other source for the rule?) or some new rule that should 
suddenly be propagated and enforced?

Also what do you propose to do about those domains that are already registered? 
 Would they have acquired rights or are you suggesting their domains suddenly 
(or gradually) stop working?  I dont think the internet is about doing things 
like that somehow.  Not to mention that the agreements to register these 
domains are probably governed by the contract law of several dozen different 
national jurisdictions.

Dan Steinberg
Synthesis: Law & Technology
+1 613.794.5356

> Will ICANN "do anything" about the national top level domains which today
> let anyone (even non-nationals) register domain names?

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