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Re: [ga-roots] Capture and Diversion (was Smart Browsers)

Yes, and if I'm understanding correctly; then we need a consensus about how 
the GA feels about participating with the other services, including those 
like New.net's.

I personally am not pleased with the idea that the ICANN can just take away 
anyones established business any time they please - it's not legal in the 
USA, so I have difficulties understanding why ICANN would start off with 


At 01:58 PM 5/2/2001 +0200, you wrote:
>At 17:31 01.05.2001 -0700, Kristy McKee wrote:
>>IMHO this is beyond ICANN's scope as Bret mentioned ealier:  the IETF is 
>>the place for decisions like these to happen; therefore if we do have an 
>>opinion I recommend we direct it in their direction.
>not even there....
>In my opinion, there are 2 different levels:
>- Resolving an URL or other identifier that contains a domain name. That 
>needs to be done "honestly", in that the result of the resolution is what 
>the owner of the domain name expected to happen when the resolution was 
>attempted in that context.
>The reason for the recent lawsuit in Korea was that someone was 
>"hijacking" the (embedded-in-browser) hostname "search.microsoft.com", 
>causing it to resolve to something not sanctioned by the name owner.
>Eugene Kashpureff was jailed for the same type of reason.
>- Presenting an input field to the user, receiving input from the user, 
>and translating that into something that the user expects.
>Here we delve into the realm of user interface, something well beyond the 
>control of ICANN policy pronouncements, and well beyond the realm of "one 
>size fits all".
>I have yet to see a browser user interface that directs me to something 
>other than the URL in question when I type "http://www.alvestrand.no/" or 
>equivalent; however, typing "alvestrand" in my 2 installed browsers 
>provides different results (one a guessed hostname, the other a search result).
>I think this particular community, which concentrates on ICANN and the 
>domain name system, needs to focus on the first one.
>The IETF, being a technical protocol standardization community, can 
>reasonably focus on mechanisms to support functions like those mentioned 
>in the second group (such as the recently completed CNRP keywords protocol 
>specification). But restricting user interfaces is beyond the scope of the 
>(BTW, the opt-out for URL-field searching in IE 5 is Tools/Internet 
>Options/Advanced/Search from the Address Bar/When Searching/Do not search 
>from the address bar)

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