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Re: [ga-roots] Re: Criminalization of alt roots

Mr. Walsh,

Show us any statistics to back up your claim.  I have found not one dot
commoner who opposes the existance of what you so disrespectfully and
ignorantly refer to as "alternatives".  We love the existance of all
kinds of roots, countries and economies.  If you extrapalate on any
worthy market research you will find all we want is free open access and
variety.  Don't you get it; all we want is freedom, access, security and
reliability.  Don't jump all over the reliability factor I have read the
stats on your established verisign type reliability.
.biz - the real existing one - is far more reliable than the ridiculous,
engines verisign runs.


"William X. Walsh" wrote:

> Hello Simon,
> Thursday, May 03, 2001, 1:07:44 PM, Simon Higgs wrote:
> >>Nope.  It was the alternate roots responsibility to avoid it, by
> >>cooperating with whatever generally accepted process were in place.
> > What complete and utter nonsense! The alt.roots are the consensus.
> Please spare us. The alt.roots are FAR from a community consensus.
> They are a factioned small group that could not in any stretch be
> said to be representative of any significant community consensus
> whatsoever.

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