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Re: [ga-roots] Off-topic posts

On Friday, May 04, 2001 3:38 AM (AEST), Bret Fausett wrote:
Subject: [ga-roots] Off-topic posts

> As part of our effort to divide into multiple lists and make the GA's work
> more coherent, I'd like to see list members refrain from posting articles,
> and links to articles, that don't relate directly to the "roots" subject
> matter.

Thanks, Bret.  I think you must be referring to the article I posted
entitled "ICANN Completes Negotiations For New Internet Suffixes".  If so, I
wouldn't agree that it's not relevant to the "roots" subject matter.  It is,
after all, talking about the new TLDs and one of them is the "competing"

> This is especially true when an article is posted without any commentary.
> there is a reason an article is relevant to the roots discussion, it's
> helpful to have a brief explanation of why a list member thinks so and why
> the article adds to the discussion.

I'm sorry that I didn't post any commentary.  I thought that by cutting and
pasting the relevant paragraph it would have been reasonably clear.
However, on reflection I should have been more specific as to the logic
behind the posting.

The article said that members of the ICANN board of directors had seven days
to comment on the .biz and .info contracts.  If no board members raise
policy concerns about the contracts over the next week, ICANN president
Stuart Lynn will have the green light to sign the deals.

My point, which has in fact been made elsewhere, was to ask members of this
list whether there were any *policy concerns* about the contracts.  If so,
it might be appropriate for us to convey those concerns to members of the
ICANN Board.

> A couple of articles have been posted in
> the last couple of days that I didn't readily see as relevant for our
> purposes here.

AFAIK only one on this list.  As the word *policy* is clearly mentioned I
thought it was relevant to the purposes of this list.  ICANN's policy

> General news information may be more appropriate for the GA list or in
> other non-DNSO forum (like DOMAIN-POLICY@LISTS.NETSOL.COM). Thanks
> for your consideration.

I agree in the case of general news information.  Thank you for your
courtesy.  I'm sorry I didn't make my meaning clearer to you.

>       -- Bret


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