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Re: [ga-org] First Ten Policy Questions

on 6/13/01 9:22 AM, Jonathan Weinberg at weinberg@mail.msen.com wrote:

> I agree with Harald that keeping .org as an open TLD looks like the best
> approach.  Kicking out existing registrants seems untenable and
> undesirable; and given that, I'm not sure I see much advantage in trying to
> limit future registrations.  I'm told that there was a period of time after
> .com started to fill, but before commercial enterprises started routinely
> duplicating registrations, when many businesses, especially small
> businesses, registered in .org.  So we're stuck with an .org that has
> different sorts of registrants in it, some noncommercial, some not.  If
> there is to be a TLD for the noncommercial community, it seems to me to
> make more sense to start one from scratch, without grandfathered
> registrants (notwithstanding Alexander's point that doing so will require
> waiting for a future round of TLDs).  If ICANN decides to look favorably on
> the creation of a new TLD for this purpose, it wouldn't be difficult to
> devise procedures that would attract proposals and reduce
> application-associated costs.

I agree with the views expressed in this statement.


Joanna Lane

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