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[ga-org] First Ten Policy Questions


1. Do we seek to re-balance the geographical distribution of registry
2. Should a .org registry be required to be a not-for-profit service?
3. Should an organization be considered for the delegation of more than one
4. Should we disqualify any applicant that has engaged in pre-registration
5. A commitment to reliability and performance requires substantial capital
and expertise; in view of the $5,000,000 endowment, should we accept any
proposal that subcontracts services?
6. Should the new .org registry be required to have a lower fee structure?
7. Should the new .org registry adopt a different UDRP?
8. Should the new .org registry adopt strong privacy features?
9. Should there be a registry/registrar separation?
10. Should the registry provide an enhanced query service to serve the needs
of the intellectual property community?

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