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[ga-nominations] Acceptance of nomination

I hereby declare that I accept the nomination for Chair of the GA.
I do not recommend at the moment that the NC select me; see below for details.

              1a. Full name of the nominee:
			Harald Tveit Alvestrand
              1b. E-mail address of the nominee:
              1c. Background information about the nominee:
			I am a longtime Internet user, former software
			developer, former services manager for the Norwegian
			academic network UNINETT, and currently a consultant
			with EDB Maxware of Norway, specializing in directory
			I have been active in the IETF for many years,
			including 4 years on the IESG, and am currently a
			member of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB).

              1d. Statement of the nominee's objectives
                  in the role as Chair of the GA:

			NOTE: I think that Roberto Gaetano is a better
			candidate for GA Chair.
			However, he has indicated that there are possibilities
			that would prevent him from serving as Chair; if that
			should happen, I would (reluctantly) be willing to take
			on the job.

		If selected, I would work for the following objectives:

		- To make sure the GA is a forum where members of the DNSO
		  can conduct discussion in a civil and reasonable manner
		- To make sure that when the GA takes a definite stand on an
		  issue, that stand is clearly communicated to the NC and
                  other relevant bodies of the DNSO.

		My view on the GA is that its role needs a clearer definition;
		at the moment it is entirely unclear whether its members
		represent themselves as individuals or the organizations that
		they represent in the various constituencies; that question
		needs clarification within ICANN and DNSO decision making

		Based on my experience in the IETF, I believe it is possible to
		have an open body of individual members that serves as valuable
		input into the DNSO process; however, I don't see that as a
		decision that can be taken by the GA or the GA chair.

Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway

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