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[ga-nominations] Acceptance of Nomination

1a. Full name of the nominee:

Roberto Gaetano

1b. E-mail address of the nominee:


1c. Background information about the nominee:

I have more than 25 years of experience in Information Technology and
Telecommunications, with a major focus on software development.
I worked for different types of organizations, including private companies,
multinationals, governmental agencies, and other institutions.
I have wide international experience, having worked and lived in different
countries, like Italy, France, and the USA, often in multicultural
environments. As a consequence, I am able to communicate and to conduct
business in Italian, English, French, Spanish and German.
At present, I am responsible for a multicultural Software Development team
in an international organization that is part of the UN system in Vienna,

My involvment in Internet policy issues dates from my earlier employment
with an Europe-based international institute with focus on Telecom, for
which I was serving as Internet Policy Advisor.
In that capacity I participated in the current debate in different fora,
including IETF, CORE, POC, IFWP.

At present, I am participating only as an individual.

1d. Statement of the nominee's objectives in the role as Chair of the GA
(including his or her views of the role of the GA and its relationship with
the Names Council and Constituencies of the DNSO):

If elected, my main objective will be to improve the effectiveness of the
GA, by favouring an open debate focused on the issues, and making sure that
the opinions of the GA are properly forwarded to the Name Council.

In my opinion, the primary role of the GA is to provide an open forum for
circulation of ideas and proposals on Domain-Names-related issues, in
particular for, but not limited to, the individuals that do not belong to
recognized constituencies.

According to this philosophy, the GA should be independent from the Name
Council, which is expression of the recognized Constituencies, but should
have with the latter a relationship that is based upon collaboration and
mutual understanding of the respective roles, and not upon a conflict
between the Constituencies and the Individuals.

Moreover, I do believe that the GA can potentially provide an interesting
model for the future organization of the At-Large ICANN membership.