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[ga] Re: Discussion Draft -- ICANN Reorganization


Thank you for your contribution to the discussion on ICANN's funding issues.  
I'm sure that you can appreciate that ICANN needs to be run as a business 
that is reasonably assured of a steady cash flow.  In order to return the 
organization to a state of normalcy, is there a funding formula would most 
likely be acceptable to the ccTLD community?

Might you have some thoughts as to the actual cost of the IANA function? 

Clearly, if the USG or some agency of the UN were in a position to offer a 
"base grant", this would go a long way toward resolving the difficulties that 
financially-challenged ccTLD managers face.

I note that Vint Cerf is our liaison to the UN... is he in a position to 
exert some influence in this regard?  Perhaps we can obtain necessary funding 
without the need to actually seats governments on the Board of ICANN.  Maybe 
Vint could comment on this point.

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