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RE: [ga] Re: Discussion draft -- ICANN reorganization

I note with interest on the web page cited below,
( http://www.icannworld.org/proposal2.htm  ) the proposed  "possible
ccTLD equitable solution" of (ICANN) charging each ccTLD $ 7200, then
notifying their governments if they don't pay up.

This is a disturbing concept. I have personally been involved in
assisting the sub-sahara african ccTLD community to self-organize into a
regional association. There (in Ghana last year- NOT at the recent ICANN
meeting), I learned of "emerging ccTLDs" with less than 500 names
registered, who do NOT charge local residents for domain names, and
who's governments are "somewhat unstable" ( I am trying to be diplomatic

Those ccTLDs can hardly afford US  $ 7,200. in fact in one of the
countries I am referring to, a special permit is required to convert
local cash to US $.

Perhaps another alternative is to simply get the US Government to fund
ICANN to the level of, say $ 5 million per year, or even $ 10 million as
a "base grant". 

Then whe "green paper" movement can continue to be extended, and the
ICANN staff and management can be secure in their jobs.

I had a conversation with Josh Eliot recently. Many of you remember that
Josh used to "perform the IANA function" prior to ICANN.

Josh is in the private sector now, having gone through a number of
interesting ventures already. 

The interesting part, and germain to this discussion, is that Josh now
works for a company called ULTRA-DNS  (that may not be the exact name).
Anyway, ULTRA-DNS provides DNS as a paid service to large clients,
corporations, web hosting firms, etc. They do this for a fee based on
the number of "DNS inquiries" they get, on a per day or per month (per
"some time interval") basis.

Josh's company gives incredible QoS (Quality of Service) level
guarantees. I believe they have secondary servers deployed at major NAPs
and peering points around the world.

I have asked josh for a price to serve secondary DNS for the ccTLD I
manage, and also for secondary service for "emerging ccTLDs".

The secondary DNS for "emerging ccTLDs" who wished to make use of the
service would be paid for by a private ccTLD development foundation- a
group of individuals and corporations who have pledged funds to be used
for technical development of those ccTLDs who need assistance.

It will be interesting to see what fees Josh's company will charge for
"guaranteed QoS service level agreements. Of course, we cannot compare
that to the ICANN-probvided "root server cluster", which, although it is
presumably part of a possibloe ccTLD contract with ICANN, cannot be
compared because "There is NO QoS service level guarantee" available.

I would imaging though, that the cost would be a LOT LESS than US $
7,200 times 200 ccTLDs, or US $ 1.4 million !!!

Peter de Blanc

I do not have the exact quotation/price yet, but when I do get it

Peter de Blanc
ccTLD AdCom and manager .VI

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I have posted comments on the funding aspects of ICANN's problems at 

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