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[ga] Here is the problem/IETF


The USG does not try to do bad things.  They actually try to do good

A search of DoC material brings you to the conclusion that the IETF is
in charge of oversight of the Internet.  We all would like them to do as
little as possible and let us use an open and transparent, bottom up
process as per our MOU.

Well we have not done that.  But we don't get paid to do that.

The IETF does get paid to make sure this happens and guess what? They
have not done a single thing to promote or advise or oversee the
contract with ICANN.

Searches of their sites show no activity since October of last year,
they still have employees listed that are long gone.

For instance they have never made a public comment suggesting
restriction of activity to the matters laid out in Haralds Personal

The recent INS problem makes a perfect example of the ineptitude
practiced here.

If Mr. Evans does not quickly fix this problem then I doubt it can be
fixed and alternatives will have to be found.  While Congress should
review ICANN they would spend their time much better review the failure
of the IETF.


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