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RE: [ga] FW: Comments Received Regarding Revised WLS Proposal


--- Abel Wisman <abel@able-towers.com> wrote:
> Chuck, you are not seriously implying that the GA consensus answer
> was a
> single-handed action by me, are you ?
> the lack of negative comment and the outright support for it may
> almost
> be called unique in GA history, so please..spare me

Not to mention that they included the minority position of the
dissenting registrars, and listed that *first* amongst all submissions,
when the true position of their constituency (against WLS) is well
known. One has to scroll through pages of propaganda to reach the true
substantive pieces submitted by the GA and soon by the Majority

Irregardless of the opposition, VGRS is going to submit this to ICANN,
so that's why it doesn't make much sense to expend all one's energy
now, or get upset at the arrogance of a monopolist, but instead wait
for ICANN to begin its consultation process. 


George Kirikos

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