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Re: [ga] FYI: .pro and .coop change plans, .museum and .aeroproceed

What the Board voted on last year were specific applications proposing
specific models for registry operations. To the extent that some of those
selected are unprepared to go forward on the business and technical plan
_they themselves proposed_, ICANN might consider allowing some of the
"runners-up" to take their place in the testbed. I know of at least one
applicant who is ready, willing and able to execute on its proposal if
allowed to enter the testbed in place of .pro or .coop.

The time for preparing an application that you could execute on was last
year, prior to the submission deadline. It would be demonstrably unfair to
those not selected for the testbed to allow successful applicants to promise
one thing for the application and then seek to make "significant changes"
when the time came for implementation. If these two companies are not ready
to go forward, let's give the opportunity to two new ones that are.

     -- Bret

> In the course of negotiations, the proponents of the .pro (unsponsored) and
> .coop (sponsored) TLDs have indicated that they wish to make significant
> changes to the plans of operation of their TLDs that they included in their
> proposals last year..... Additional time is needed for discussions that might
> develop concrete proposals, which can then be presented.

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