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Re: [ga] VeriSign complains...


I can support WXW's story, because it happened to me and this very domain. I
ended up having to pay NSI for another year because of the delay of the
transfer request to another registrar put it over the date of the domain
expiring. My ISP for this domain changed owners and they were transferring
domains (including mine) to the registrar they prefer to work with. NSI delayed
the request so the domain expired, then said they couldnt process it because
the domain was expired and we had to pay again. Then, when I found I was forced
to pay the domain for another year, it took 2 tries to do so, and 2 weeks for
them to actually take the charges from our cc. I was calling long distance from
Germany, asking why they haven't booked the charges from our cc. I was angry,
to say the least.

I will switch registrars halfway through the year, so I can give NSI a good 6
months to finally get it right. But I feel very angry about how they tried to
keep a customer against the customers wishes, just to be able to suck another
year's registration fees out of me. We have had many other problems with NSI as
well, which prompted me to transfer this domain away from them so the
administrative contact can FINALLY be put into my name. (NSI screws that up as
well, the experience on another domain name is enough to just make me want to
transfer this one and be done with the problems) They always find a way to
screw it up, as usual. And make me pay extra, of course.

As a secondary note, I have not had these problems with Tucows. I have two
domains there.

take care, Robin
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