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Re: [ga] VeriSign complains...

> There may be a problem with relying on competing Registrars to
> authenticate transfer requests.  First, the current Registrar is
> contractually obligated to the Registrant.  It appears that the current
> Registrar has a responsibility to make certain that its customer is aware
> that a transfer request has been initiated through a competing Registrar.
> You can believe that some Registrants choose established and reliable
> Registrars like NSI for registering domain names.  It may be the case that
> not all Registrars are as established and as reliable as NSI.  It appears
> possible for competing Registrars and their affiliates to cause a real
> problem for Registrants and current Registrars if competing Registrars are
> relied upon for authenticating transfer requests.

What facts do you base this opinion on?


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