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Re: [process2] Re: [ga] WIPO's Best Practices for ccTLDs

IMHO, I understand that WIPO has a very particular role in this entire situation, which is safeguarding the interests and rights of the intellectual property community.  The Best Practices are simply suggestions to ccTLD adminsitrators, not orders. Adhesion is not mandatory.
Unfortunately, active participation in ICANN is impossible to me ( I live in Brazil ), but I would love to share my 0.002 cents on this thread.
Best regards
Kornellius Ender
Rio - Brazil
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Para: Patrick Corliss <patrick@quad.net.au>
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Data: Domingo, 29 de Abril de 2001 14:26
Assunto: [process2] Re: [ga] WIPO's Best Practices for ccTLDs

>Patrick and all remaining assembly members,
>  I think the ccTLD community and most especially it's stakeholders
>have seen enough of WIPO.  Such recommendations were not and do
>not currently reflect the desire of these stakeholders.
>Patrick Corliss wrote:
>> http://ecommerce.wipo.int/domains/cctlds/bestpractices/bestpractices.html
>> http://ecommerce.wipo.int/domains/cctlds/bestpractices/bestpractices.doc
>> The Report on the Internet Domain Name Process (April 30, 1999) of the World
>> Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) formulated recommendations aimed
>> at alleviating intellectual property conflicts in the gTLDs.  WIPO was
>> requested by its member Governments to develop a cooperation program for the
>> administrators of ccTLDs to advise them on intellectual property strategy
>> and management for their domains, including dispute prevention and
>> resolution. Following this request, WIPO launched its ccTLD Program.  This
>> includes the provision of dispute resolution services through the WIPO
>> Arbitration and Mediation Center to any ccTLD administrator for that
>> purpose.
>> A draft of guidelines ("ccTLD Best Practices") was announced at the WIPO
>> Conference on Intellectual Property Questions Relating to the ccTLDs.
>> Public comment can be submitted on-line by April 30, 2001 after which the
>> document will be published in final form.
>> Please note the immediacy of this deadline.
>> Regards
>> Patrick Corliss
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