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[ga] Thank you Roberto Gaetano and Harald Alvestrand

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Dear GA Colleagues,

The main page of the DNSO web site needed some reorganization
in the General Assembly area after the election of new
Chair and Alternate Chair. Hence the new document called
"Administration Documents of the General Assembly of the DNSO",
the content of which gives a quite impressive record of difficult
work and achievements in the GA organization by you all,
with the help and leadership of Roberto Gaetano
and Harald Halvestrand, the first Chair and Alternate Chair.

Let me express here our most grateful thanks to Roberto and Harald
for their time, wisdom and knowledge in building up an open place
where members of the DNSO can conduct discussion in a civil and
reasonable manner, and serve a valuable input into the DNSO process.

Our best wishes to the New Chair and Alternate Chair, Danny Younger
and Patrick Corliss, taking over the GA challenges
- there is still so many things to do.

Elisabeth Porteneuve
DNSO Secretariat
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