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[ga] Re: Suspension of Voting Rights


I am well aware of the specific terms approved.  Please do not presume that
I am speaking out of ignorance.  I am also aware that this NC action is not
consistent with the ICANN ByLaws, and that a request for clarification of
such, posted to Louis Touton by Philip Sheppard on 13 April, and reiterated
by Nilda Vany Martinez Grajales on 21 April, has still gone unanswered.

Your constituency and others have enormously profited from participation in
the ICANN process, and yet rather than seeking solutions which facilitate
greater participation and reduce barriers to entry, you have elected to
pursue a punitive policy which stands at odds with White Paper principles.
As a reminder, the White Paper calls for  "input from the broad and growing
community of Internet users".    How does your solution serve to advance the
needs of our growing community?

Is there a fear to ask the ICANN Board for funding?  There have certainly
been many changes made to the ByLaws in the past, and asking for a change
that would allow for expenses reasonably related to the legitimate
activities of the Corporation (such as DNSO administrative and operational
costs) is certainly preferable to a course of action that would potentially
disenfranchise segments of our membership.

This "reticent action" that you describe seems to place a higher priority on
the "need" to fund a professional Secretariat, than on the "need" to ensure
the "rights" of your fellow participants.

You are blessed with ample funding; others that seek to join in the ICANN
process are not.    Are you advocating that only those with sufficient funds
have a place at ICANN's table?    I am of the view that if we are a part of
ICANN, then ICANN should be underwriting all of our expenses.  If we are not
a part of ICANN, then perhaps we should be invoicing ICANN for policy
guidance to the same degree that ICANN is invoiced for legal advice.

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