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Yeah I know my last post was not what your guys like.  But it is in line
with our chair's desire for outreach.  I know that Crispin and Crocker
could tear my posts apart - or maybe not any more, but the point is you
want to appeal to that other 75% you have to appeal to guys like me.
sorry but that is who we are, heaven forbid we watch TV(no not .tv the
real thing) we love the radio, we average .75 traffic tickets a year, we
are overweight, hey we have good credit, weather and sex are our biggest
drives as far as searching goes, we are very equally women as men, we
are equally rural as city folk.

The bottom line is, if you believe our chair, over ninety percent of
nine hundred of us do not object to what I have to say.  So maybe you
ought not jump all over us every time we speak. Then maybe you may have
some outreach.

Peace and Love,

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