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Trade Marks & IP:  To consider and recommend policy improvements in relation
to the use of domain names as a speech mechanism including, but not limited
to, its use for advertising, promotion, protest and criticism particularly
where such use may infringe on the rights or interests of other parties such
as trade-mark holders.


(1)    UDRP
Definition of "cybersquatting".
Relationship to "trade mark law".
Common Law Trade Mark Rights.
Are domains property?
Dispute procedures & proofs.
Pattern matching to show "bad faith".
Speech - generic and protest words.
Reverse domain name hijacking.
Review of systemic faults or failures.
Accountability of arbitrators etc.

(2)    WIPO-2
Possible extensions to present system.
Applicability to ccTLDs & others.
Common words, pharmaceutical ids and geographic terms.
WIPO comment period ends 8th June.

I'd appreciate any input members might have.

Best regards
Patrick Corliss
Co-Chair, DNSO GA.

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