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Outreach is good, if the numbers are balanced from the community.  
There are not enough individuals and small businesses to balance out 
the special interests, so the capture is still there, IMO.  

I agree that the pettiness and personal attacks are killing the effort and 
am participating less as a result myself.  


On 28 Apr 2001, at 3:52, William S. Lovell wrote:

> "babybows.com" wrote:
> >
> > a. In the last twenty five days, 1333 comments have been posted to the GA
> > list by 75 people.
> > b. 10 individuals accounted for 54% of the posts
> > c. 15 individuals accounted for 66% of the posts
> > d. 20 individuals accounted for 76% of the posts
> > e. 25 individuals accounted for 82% of the posts
> >
> > If our ongoing efforts are to be meaningful, and if we wish to be regarded
> > as a credible institution, we had better take action to increase overall
> > participation in the GA.    I am advised by the DNSO Secretariat that the
> > membership roster of the GA now totals in excess of 900 individuals - this
> > means that over 90% of our members have chosen not to participate in recent
> > discussions on the GA list.
> It's all the petty cat fights, methinks. All the blood and guts. The dogmatism.
> Ad hominum attacks.  A bunch of little boys out in a field seeing who can pee
> the farthest.  Sure as hell keeps me from taking much of it too seriously.
> Bill Lovell
> http://cerebalaw.com

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