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[ga] http://dnso-ga.org moke-up and management

As per our published commitment, the http://dnso-ga.org site
donated by world@wide is online.

1. comments/suggetions are welcome for entries in the menus,
     and texts. The whole menu structure is maintained in a
     single ASCII file easily edited. So it may be maintained
     by the Secretariat.

     On a temporary basis secretariat is provided by the SIAT.
     But SIAT lacks resources: a full time person will join
     only in June..

2. we would like the GA to take over as soon as possible

     - could someone host it? The machine it currently on
       is and R&D machine.
     - a solution for the secretariat should be found
     - help is needed for text writing and English revision
     - a management group should be set up we could transfer
       the site to  (may be under co-Chair supervision?).

3. In the meanwhile we plan:

     - to pick DannyBows' mail to serve as a description of the
        NC sponsored MLs.- unless a better text is available?
     - relate with Joop to find a formula to best present and link
       its booth for polls, if he agrees..
Thank you for your help.

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