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[ga] Verisign Contract/policy

If any one questions whether it is right and good for us to look at
thses contracts and respond accordingly and whether or not they are
policy matters read this and weep.
And do not knee jerk react without reading the entire article and
reflecting on what is a conflict of interest and what is an illegal
monopoly and what is required by the APA and the White Paper.

"Mountain View, CA, April 25, 2001-VeriSign, Inc. (NASDAQ:VRSN), the
provider of Internet trust services, today announced that the American
Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN), the organization that administers
registers Internet Protocol (IP) numbers for North America, South
the Caribbean, and sub-Saharan Africa, has selected VeriSign's Managed
Services to ensure the reliability and robust query response of its DNS
(Domain Name System) zone file information. VeriSign's Secondary Name
Hosting, part of the company's suite of Managed DNS Services, will
secondary name server support to ARIN's zones for inverse address
which perform IP address-to-domain name resolution on the Internet."

more info:  http://corporate.verisign.com/news/2001/pr_20010425b.html

Verisign's control over the existing Internet structure is dangerous and
ill advised from a public policy perspective.  Now they are
getting/maintaining a certain amount of control over even the ccTLDs.
Where is the GAC and DNSO in this matter?

I have read much of the DoC documents regarding this matter, they are
begging for a political cure to this mess.  They do not want to be
experts in these matters they want to hear from the experts - the GA.
They can only do what is right if we tell them what that is, and the
only thing that is right is that the Internetstakeholders position on
these matters takes precedence!


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