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Re: [ga] domain name owner's bill of rights

Thanks Patrick/Eric

So far no one got back to me on the issue per se.

On positive side :

NSI, sent me the invoices and renewal notices in a hurry within few hours of posting to this list. (my thanks to whoever made it happen)

On negative side :

I just come across Register who held up my domain transfer to other registers after receiving my explicit transfer approval. So they can make counter-offer to stay on with them. 

To top things, I found out they denied my transfer because I did not respond to their counter offer in time.

Is it even legal to do this ? 

Either a working group or a request for comments to domain name owners would be a very good idea.


On Thu, 26 April 2001, "Patrick Corliss" wrote:

> On Thursday, April 12, 2001 10:50 AM (AEST)
> Srikanth Narra <sri@domainmates.com> wrote:
> Subject: [ga] domain name owner's bill of rights
> > Anywhere in the agreements (mela) that surround ICANN - is there any thing
> that
> > sounds or feels like bill of rights for domain name owners ?
> Hi Srikanth
> Did anyone ever get back to you on this question?  The Chair is setting up
> several working groups and this is the sort of issue that may be referred to
> one of them to be considered.
> Best regards
> Patrick Corliss

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