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RE: Re[2]: [ga] U.S. Gov't sets date for ICANN-Verisign power deal appro val


DoC received the agreements on April 16th and apparently will make a
decision by May 14th.  That gives DoC about the same amount of time that was
given for community review and feedback.  The additional time beyond May
14th is needed to implement whatever decision is reached.

Keep in mind that I was one of those who took the position that this is a
contractual issue not a policy issue.  In light of that, DoC is a signatory
of the contract, therefore making it mandatory that they are involved.
(BTW, I don't plan to get involved in the contract vs. policy issue
discussion again.)


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Hello Chuck,

Thursday, April 26, 2001, 5:59:38 AM, Gomes, Chuck wrote:

> David,

> Because May 14th falls after the May 10th deadline that is in the current
> agreements, an extension is essential.

The same could have been said was essential to a proper review of the
contract by the DNSO.

Best regards,
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