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Re: [ga] Status Report -- Mailing Lists

May I obtain a true cost breakdown and send it to foundations and the like for
funding?  I believe there is near unanymous consensus that these lists are a
great Idea and the best hope for helping ICANN reach objectives for outreach and
stakeholder representation. Where ICANN has been denied funding for general
financial concerns I believe we will not be for such a worthwhile specific

This method also helps correct the imbalance of Qualified donations versus fees.

We wouldn't be here if this wasn't important and if you esteemed members believe
this is important then so will others.


Roberto Gaetano wrote:

> Sotiris,

> My understanding of Kent's post is not that he opposes the creation of the
> lists on the basis of financial considerations, but he only points out that
> this does not come out for free.
> Which, BTW, also explains why the request has not been executed
> *immediately* but has taken/will take some time.
> OTOH, personally, I think that this is the way we should go. Even if it does
> take some effort and/or money.
> The alternative is doing nothing, which will come for free, and will also be
> the best guarantee of not making any mistakes.
> I tried without success to start dedicated mailing lists last year, and am
> therefore well placed to appreciate the work of the new Chairman, that is
> getting us there. Keep up the good work.
> Regards
> Roberto
> __

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