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Re: [ga] Status Report -- Mailing Lists


You wrote:
>Kent Crispin wrote:
> > These new lists, if formed, are presumed to be active, and the
> > burden posed by a list is, roughly speaking, proportional to the
> > activity on the lists.  Moreover, setting up the archives and so on are
> > all new activities, and involve some work.
>I think the key word is "some"... but not much.  Kent, you're making it 
>sound like
>the digging of a Suez canal is being proposed here.  As for "burdens", 
>since when
>is a discussion list a burden?  does it not provide further evidence of
>legitimacy?  I fail to see the difficulty in setting the lists up.  If need 
>be, I
>will volunteer my services (and I'm sure many of the others would as well).

My understanding of Kent's post is not that he opposes the creation of the 
lists on the basis of financial considerations, but he only points out that 
this does not come out for free.
Which, BTW, also explains why the request has not been executed 
*immediately* but has taken/will take some time.

OTOH, personally, I think that this is the way we should go. Even if it does 
take some effort and/or money.
The alternative is doing nothing, which will come for free, and will also be 
the best guarantee of not making any mistakes.

I tried without success to start dedicated mailing lists last year, and am 
therefore well placed to appreciate the work of the new Chairman, that is 
getting us there. Keep up the good work.


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