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RE: [ga] Waiting for godot.com?

That's not what he said. Further, there is no proof of your allegations.
Patrick is doing what I'm doing. I also support the chair. More correctly, I
will not withdraw my support based on unfounded allegations.

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> From: Sotiris [mailto:sotiris@hermesnetwork.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2001 10:34 PM
> Let me see if I have this down correctly.
> The chair of this list sanctions and encourages the formation of an
> unofficial list, while at the same time leaving the official list in
> some waiting-game limbo for an unspecified period of time.  Hmm.
> I suppose *if* one did want to discredit the GA list,  there 
> would be no
> better way to go about it.  So, let's suppose the GA wallows in a
> tailspin while all the work gets done on the unofficial
> internetstakeholders.com site... which, of course, will thereafter be
> pointed to as the replacement model for the DNSO's GA web site.  Hmm.
> Of course, all this is unfounded speculation...

Precisely and a little/LOT less of this may actually let us get some work
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