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Re: [ga] Reposting

On Tue, 24 Apr 2001 18:59:25 -0400, you wrote:

>"William X. Walsh" wrote:
>> Incidents like this only further the fact that the Chair and
>> Alternative Chair are way too politically tied to their positions to
>> be able to be impartial and fair chairs to this assembly.
>> A petition to the Names Council for their removal is probably in order
>> at this stage, if not overdue.
>If this is a motion, I second it.

Can I out my 2c in and suggest this is premature to say the least.

I do actually share some of the concerns about how much our new Chairs
will push the GA agenda rather than a personal one.  But at this stage
it is only concern and they should be given the chance to prove

We risk becoming rather mickey mouse if we seek to overturn election
results a few weeks after the election.  

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