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[ga] Research Symposium on ICANN Elections

The August 2001 issue of _INFO_ will be dedicated to the ICANN elections
and will feature contributions from eight authors.  The table of contents
is below.  

Full abstracts are available on the symposium website at:

Table of Contents: "Global Democracy and the ICANN Elections"

Jonathan Weinberg, Wayne State University
"ICANN, 'Technical Coordination,' and Majority Rule"

Renee E. Marlin-Bennett, American University
"ICANN and Democracy: Contradictions and Possibilities"

Eliesh O'Neil Lane, Georgia Institute of Technology
"Shaping Technology Policy Via Public Participation: A Case Study of ICANN"

Wolfgang Kleinwaechter, University of Aarhus
"Towards A New Triletarism Between Industry, Citizens and Governments: 
ICANN as a New Co-Regulatory Policy Model?"

Hans Klein, Georgia Institute of Technology  
"The Social Prerequisites of Global Democracy: Does the Internet Make
Global Democracy More Feasible?"

Myungkoo KANG, Seoul National University
"ICANN Election and Asian Public Sphere"

William F. Averyt, University of Vermont
"Exit-Voice Dynamics In The Domain Name Regime"

Chistian Ahlert, University of Giessen
"How to Make Online-Democracy Work:  Think Outside the Traditional Ballot

  Prof. Hans K. Klein
  School of Public Policy, MC:0345                  
  Georgia Institute of Technology
  Atlanta, GA 30332-0345

  Chair, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR)


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