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[ga] domain name owner's bill of rights

Anywhere in the agreements (mela) that surround ICANN - is there any thing that sounds or feels like bill of rights for domain name owners ?

I just spent two calls one for 45 mins and another for 35 minutes without being able to speak to a representative with leading domainname register ($35 per year). Had no choice. The email to support resulted a reply that was completely useless - surely someone scanned for words sent reply without bothering to read the email. I am frequently overseas and the cost of calls is extrorbitary.

Then there is NSI - that can not be relied on to send a timely email notification (if at all) of upcoming renewal but can be trusted to handle "infrastructure".

Recently I heard from a friend working a company in consumer information business - that to meet targets for a quarter - quietly fired the entire staff (30 odd) manning support phone lines except for 1 person (it was mandatory). Seems the management made a concious decision..er..oversight to let consumers stay on hold and give up. 

Given the market blues and esteem with which, I am sure business, hold ICANN in.**sputter****sputter**
Is there some clause anywhere that trys to ensure some basic service to domain name holders. Any retributions against abusers ? Any place to complain ? Any thing anywhere that will stop registers from charging the domainname owners for bare minimal things like sending timely, if not mandatory, reminders ? 

If you think I am a delusionary participant who is expecting too much of ICANN, etc - after all its not a regulatory authority only technical one or business self regulation, yada yada yada. 

Pls just throw your suggestions for any non ICANNish options my way.



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