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RE: [ga] Do we need TLDs at all?

> From: gavin.stokes@autodesk.com [mailto:gavin.stokes@autodesk.com]
> Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2001 1:34 AM
> The question about name servers was merely technical.  I was 
> wondering if the still-enforced domains mil, gov, and edu are 
> handled by separate master name servers, and whether this 
> kind of separation might provide a roadblock to totally 
> free-form domain names.  I guess not, as long as those 
> domains were still restricted.

Of course they have their own registry. Each zone-file has to have one. The
only issue is whether it's a manual registry or an automated one.
Regardless, it's still a registy.

Yes, those domains are restricted. In fact, they still hold to their
original charters. Fine examples of properly defined charters and

IMHO, ALL zones are chartered. It only remains to detrmine what those
charters are.
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