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Re: [ga] No Members?

Joanna and all,

Joanna Lane wrote:

> > Hello Andrew,
> > Thank you for the clarification about boxes and boxes of @Large membership
> > verification returned to ICANN. I am not subscribed to icann-eu myself and
> > therefore did not know about discussions to which you refer. Is there a
> > public archive that I may review?.
>   Yes Joanna there is.  It is here:  http://angua.rince.de/icann-europe/
> I also believe that we discussed this on one of our phone conversations
> as well....
> Jeff or whoever you are today,
> We have only ever had one phone conversation, it was about an unrelated
> matter and it was a mistake.

  I recorded the conversation.  I also reviewed that recording.  Hence
the verbiage in my reply.  I am sorry indeed that your memory is somewhat
lacking in this matter.  But I can understand your motive...

> I have not only asked you not to call me again,
> I have also told you repeatedly that I do not care to receive your private
> emails. Note the ga-list and icann-eu list is stripped from this reply.

  Yes you did.  I complied.  I shall however re-add the appropriate
List E-Mail addresses to this reply so as to stay on track.

  Oh yes, if you do not wish to receive my or anyone else's E-Mail's
you only need to employ a filter for your E-Mail client.  Fairly simple
to do...

> Joanna


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