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[ga] Language Diversity in ICANN working practices

Dear all,

As you may all remember, as a result of the dicussion on language
Diversity during the ICANN Melbourne meetings and as the Chairmann of
the Board asked me to help on the building of a Paper for Public
Discussion,  I am preparing for a paper for approval from Mr Vint Cerf
to be dicussed
during the Stokholm Public Forum with exact data on cost and
organisational needs for Language Diversity in ICANN working
procedures.  I am getting my data from sources such as the ITU, UN and
European Union Simultaneous Interpreting and Translating Depatments.  I
will post the results as soon as I have them ready.

I will be expecting your wholehearted support.


Pilar LUQUE (.es ccTLD External Relations Manager)
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